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Commemorative Plaque for Author Dorothy Emily Stevenson in Edinburgh's West End

Commemorative Plaque for Author Dorothy Emily Stevenson in Edinburgh's West End

Dorothy Emily Stevenson was a Scottish author of more than 40 light romantic novels. Her father was the lighthouse engineer David Alan Stevenson, first cousin to the author Robert Louis Stevenson. D.E. Stevenson was born in 1892 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was educated at home by governesses. She started to write at eight, but because her parents and governesses disapproved she had to do this in secret. 2009 saw a renewed interest in Stevenson’s books with the re-issue of two of her most popular novels, Mrs. Tim of the Regiment and Miss Buncle’s Book. The sequel, Miss Buncle Married, was re-issued in 2011. She spent her childhood at 14 Eglinton Crescent, Edinburgh where a Historic Environment Scotland Commemorative Plaque to Dorothy was unveiled in 2016.

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