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Seeing stars on Lewis and Harris


A pair of guest houses on Lewis and Harris have scored five-star awards from VisitScotland.

Broad Bay House in Back, Lewis and Ceòl na Mara<strong> </strong>near Tarbert, Harris were awarded five-star rating gold and five-star awards respectively by the national tourism organisation on their first reviews since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Quality Assurance visit determined that the businesses offer an outstanding quality of guest accommodation, and the demonstration of exceptional standards in hospitality and cleanliness.

Developed over the last four decades in partnership with the tourism industry and informed by visitor research, VisitScotland’s Quality Assurance schemes are world leading. They have been refreshed in line with the changing landscape, and in consultation with industry, to continue to provide a trusted, relevant and impartial source of information for visitors, as well as the businesses taking part.

As well as achieving their top ratings, both guest houses are members of VisitScotland’s Taste Our Best scheme which is designed to promote the use of Scottish produce within the tourism industry and recognise businesses that offer great quality Scottish food and drink experiences.

Victoria Harvey, VisitScotland Development Manager for Outer Hebrides, said:

“This award is a testament to all the hard work and dedication of the owners in maintaining and improving on quality throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

“By committing to creating a recognised quality experience, businesses are contributing to the Outer Hebrides’ and Scotland’s reputation as a must-visit destination. The impact of tourism spreads far beyond the industry itself – it supports wider businesses, jobs and the economy.”

Sue Reid, from Broad Bay House, said:

“To be recognized as one of just 25 or so five-star gold guest houses across the whole of Scotland is wonderful.

“Quality of accommodation is vital for a recovering hospitality industry. Guests, who may well be venturing out on holiday for the first time in a few years, are looking for a luxury experience and to stay somewhere that creates a home from home. Luxury, comfort, attention to detail all matter. Many guests because of this and the fact that they enjoyed their stay so much, return and turn into repeat guests. Its lovely to see new faces, but it is also heartening to see our repeat guests. This has allowed us to enjoy near 100 per cent occupancy levels this season.”

Jane Loomes from Ceòl na Mara Guesthouse, said:

“High quality, high standards and going above and beyond, are imperative in achieving this, be that through our service and hospitality, our location, the food we serve with Taste Our Best - is an essential part of this, or just thoroughly enjoying running a B&amp;B.”

For more information on Quality Assurance scheme visit:

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Seeing stars on Lewis and Harris

Broad Bay House in Back, Lewis, and Ceòl na Mara near Tarbert, Harris have received five-star awards from VisitScotland. The guest houses were recognised for their outstanding quality of guest accommodation and exceptional standards in hospitality and cleanliness.

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