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Help Centre: How to search by tag

How does Search work? A simple way to search for assets is to start typing text into the search box which will result in a text search - a general search that will search the metadata fields of an asset e.g. filename, title/caption, description, credit, location and tags (keywords). You can dive straight in and select tags or opt to use our pre-built search filters or curated albums.

Search by Tag Type a word or phrase into the search box. The available tags are suggested as you type with a type ahead drop-down list. Select the tag that suits and the search will start and return results after a second or two. The word you typed will pop up as a purple block with highlighted text. The results will feature all items that have the word (or words) in any part of the tags, description, credit, license, or filename. Add more tags to the search and more tags inside purple blocks will appear containing those words. If you click on a purple block, it will be removed from the search. The search engine will offer tags that categorise the asset by file type, license, album, etc.

For example,

If you start typing “Vid…” the typeahead editor will suggest a string of tags that match “Vid”. Selecting the suggested “type: video” tag will return all assets that are “Videos”.

You can refine your search to find a specific file type by typing .mp4 or .Mov and so on. An exact match is not always possible, so we also try to find assets where a whole-word match is provided in some other hidden attributes, that are not offered in the search box via tags, but might be helpful, these attributes are:

File type (e.g. JPG, PNG) Asset ID Filename Additional Reference

In this case, we do not expect an exact phrase match, but at least a whole-word match. If the Additional Reference field has ‘Video 001 Jun2015’ entered, the Asset will be found in these searches: “Video” or “001” or “Video 001” but will NOT be offered in these ones “Vid” or “2015”.

Tip: Return to the landing page and perform a site wide search, select the home button (VisitScotland logo) at the top left of the page.

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Help Centre: How to do search by tag or keyword

Asset type post
ID 117716
Word count 390 words


Licence Rights Managed - VS Editorial A Licence to use assets for editorial purposes, which is, to illustrate an event or story in an article but not commercially such as marketing a product or print ad. An Editorial asset may show a brand, a trademarked logo or product, a public personality, or recognisable people, without a signed release or with limited releases. When you use VisitScotland Editorial content you do so to illustrate Scottish tourism in a positive way.
Expiry No expiry date
Usage Editorial content can be published in a variety of formats ranging from print or digital to online. In print content can be featured in *newspapers *magazines *brochures. Online content can be published in a *blog *website *article or *social media. Regardless of the format this content should always promote Scotland’s tourism in a positive way.