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Help Centre: Invalid email address

It is possible to see a message Invalid email address when registering.

There are a few possible explanations:

You might have typed or a space after the email address or you may have copy-pasted the address and it has a space at the end. To fix this, put the cursor after the end of the first email address and click backspace.

The email address you entered might have a comma instead of a dot somewhere.

There might be a top-level domain missing. To be valid, there must be at least one dot somewhere after the @.

The email address validation rules are:

  1. Must not contain a space.
  2. Must contain @
  3. Must contain alphanumeric characters, or underscores and hyphens only.
  4. Must not contain other special characters or apostrophe.
  5. Must contain at least one valid character before the @ and at least one character after the @ followed by a dot and then at least two characters after the dot.

Help Centre: Invalid email address

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Licence Editorial A Licence to use assets for editorial purposes, which is, to illustrate an event or story in an article but not commercially such as marketing a product or print ad. An Editorial asset may show a brand, a trademarked logo or product, a public personality, or recognisable people, without a signed release or with limited releases. When you use VisitScotland Editorial content you do so to illustrate Scottish tourism in a positive way.
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Usage Editorial content can be published in a variety of formats ranging from print or digital to online. In print content can be featured in *newspapers *magazines *brochures. Online content can be published in a *blog *website *article or *social media. Regardless of the format this content should always promote Scotland’s tourism in a positive way.