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Help Centre: Licensing Information

When you download a file from this Toolkit you enter into a licensing agreement with VisitScotland. You are given a standard license to use the file in your marketing collateral or editorial content. Most content is provided as royalty-free. Please check usage instructions, expiry date and the licence description for more information.

What is a license?

Licensing is official permission to use a rights managed asset. An industry-standard method for selling or sharing photos for editorial and marketing use. It doesn’t mean that you own the image outright, you may use the asset for a certain purpose and period of time. If you want to read more about our licences, pick a thumbnail from the asset grid. Select ‘more details’ to view the licence agreement.

What is a usage note?

A set of instructions that explain how you can use our assets and/or if there are restrictions. Examples of approved channels and output platforms are newspapers, magazines, website, social media, presentation, brochure, TV, and film.

What restrictions or limitations should I be aware of?

Digital publishing and marketing last 36 months from the date of download. If you want to extend usage, sign in to the Toolkit and re-download the asset. Print publishing is unlimited. But you must delete all production copies of the files after printing. If you intend to update your printed marketing after the first print run, you must re-download the asset. If the Asset has an Expiry Date you must cease all use of those assets by expiry date. If you are a production company working on a TV broadcast, you can apply for an extended usage for B-Roll footage.

What do you mean by ‘no commercial use’

This restriction applies to how you use our assets. You cannot use our assets as resale items. Examples include wall art, postcards, stationery items, calendars, apparel items, DVDs, mobile applications, NFTs or other items for resale. This includes “on demand” products, mugs, t-shirts, posters, and other items (this includes the sale of products through custom designed websites). You cannot sub-licence or distribute our assets for direct profit.

See also: Licence Types

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Help Centre: Licensing Information

Asset type post
ID 116395
Word count 365 words


Licence Rights Managed - VS Editorial A Licence to use assets for editorial purposes, which is, to illustrate an event or story in an article but not commercially such as marketing a product or print ad. An Editorial asset may show a brand, a trademarked logo or product, a public personality, or recognisable people, without a signed release or with limited releases. When you use VisitScotland Editorial content you do so to illustrate Scottish tourism in a positive way.
Expiry No expiry date
Usage Editorial content can be published in a variety of formats ranging from print or digital to online. In print content can be featured in *newspapers *magazines *brochures. Online content can be published in a *blog *website *article or *social media. Regardless of the format this content should always promote Scotland’s tourism in a positive way.